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Extensive experience in the mobilization of Web applications and creating native applications for different mobile platforms as full construction, as well as in the development of the individual parts of the process, allows us to solve any problems in this area. The pool of satisfied customers and upeshnye cases do not give doubt it.

Mobile applications

What do you choose?

Mobile version (mobile view) is used to display the optimal site in the mobile browser. Each user sees the mobile traffic interface adapted for the small screen, with Save the full functionality and content of the basic version of the site.
  • It works in any smartphone browser, regardless of operating system.
  • Easy to update content, quickly make changes.
  • Available for each user.
  • It does not work offline.
  • Doesn't have tools to make surfer return.
Mobile application - is a specially designed application for a specific mobile platform (iOS, Android, Windows Phone). The user installs the application on his mobile device for regular interaction with your project.
  • An excellent tool for managing customer loyalty.
  • Suitable for continuous interaction with the client.
  • Can work in offline mode.
  • High speed.
  • Demanding features of the operating system and phone.

Mobile view (mobile version) Site

The site, adapted for mobile devices, allows users to reduce the number of failures and significantly increase the conversion of your web service. The share of visitors who use a smartphone for surfing the Internet is increasing every year, and in some segments is 30%.

Mobile version displays all of the current site content, but adapted to the small screen interface. It is very important that users do not need to install on your smartphone software, or to make any additional effort. Adapted organically site displayed on the mobile device, regardless of the platform on which it operates.

We have accumulated extensive experience in developing mobile view for a variety of projects: from promo sites up to large e-commerce and banking services.

Mobile Application Development

If your Internet service requires regular communication with the user, the mobile application will increase the loyalty of your customers, the frequency of repeated requests (orders, purchases, etc.).

Applications are installed on the user's mobile device, simplifying customer access to your service. A distinctive feature of mobile applications is the ability to stimulate the re-treatment with the help of push-messages on the smartphone client (reminders, notifications, message about the campaign or new features).
Mobile applications are developed for different operating systems of devices (the most common: iOS, Android, WindowsMobile).

We have rich experience in the design, development and promotion of useful applications for their own investment projects, as well as for customers from various segments of the business, including such complex as a bank.

Start working with your mobile traffic today

Every year more and more people are using smartphones and tablets for Internet surfing. The share of mobile traffic is already up 30% over the next two years this figure will double. Convenient if your website for viewing on a small screen device? How easy is it to make a potential customer target action?

You can order the mobile interface of its Web resources without alteration and without creating a separate mobile application. We are engaged in the mobilization (web mobile view) through the creation of adaptive mobile interface on top of the current web projects.

Work with your service for customers with smart phones and tablets will be much more convenient.

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